NBA Draft: Top 10 Small Forward Prospects 

1. Ben Simmons- 19, 6’10” 239, LSU

Simmons is the top player because of his combination of size and ability to handle the basketball. He can be a dominant ball handler and is a solid playmaker which is extremely rare for his size. 

2. Brandon Ingram- 18, 6’9”, 196, Duke

Ingram has the size that draws comparisons to Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo, but he is not quite there yet. He does have that length, and his shoulders show that he can put on more muscle than they may have. However, he cannot shoot like Durant, and does not have the freakish athleticism of Giannis. Still he is a tall wing who can score which is needed in the NBA. 

3. Jaylen Brown- 19, 6’7”, 223, California  

Brown right now is a high prospect because of his body and his defense. He looks like he can guard multiple positions in the NBA and will have the length and speed combination to be an above average defender. If he can establish a shot he has a pretty high ceiling. 

4. Timothe Luwawu- 21, 6’7”, 205, France 

While it is easy to compare Luwawu to fellow frenchman Nic Batum it is probably a good comparison. He has the length and is a talented defender. He has some ball handling skills and can dribble in traffic. Really, if he can develop a better shot he will be a steal when selected. 

5. Deandre Bembry- 21, 6’6”, 207, St. Joes 

Bembry has the length to be a strong wing defender in the NBA. He doesn’t have the ball handling or playmaker ability, and his NBA role is to be a 3-and-D player but he can certainly manage that. 

6. Denzel Valentine- 22, 6’6”, 210, Michigan State

Valentine is an X-factor and can score and handle the ball in many different positions and many different lineups. His defense will be under question, but his abilities on offense will at the worst have him being an energy player off of the bench. 

7. Paul Zipser- 22, 6’8”, 210, Germany 

Zipser has some of skills that you want from a 3-and-D player. He will have to put on some more muscle to become a better defender, but for his size and shooting ability he is worth a shot in the draft. 

8. Taurean Prince- 21, 6’8”, 220, Baylor

Prince will basically be drafted for his upside and size. He is built with a lot of muscle and is one of the taller, longer wing players. Still, he cannot create on offense or score outside the paint. His defense will be his biggest draw, and even then he has not proven yet to be a great 1-on-1 defender. 

9. Georges Niang- 23, 6’9”, 231, Iowa State

Niang has a role carved out for him as an offensive spark off of the bench in the three or the four position. He doesn’t have atleticsm or defensive abilities that give him an upside, but he is tall, can handle the ball and shoot better than most at his size. 

10. Kyle Wiltjer- 23- 6’10”- 242

Wiltjer should get drafted and like Niang has a role in the NBA. He is tall, can handle the ball and shoot. His defense is an even bigger question than Niang, but you can find times to get him on the court for offense. 

Others considered (alphabetically):
Perry Ellis, Brennan Greene, Jake Layman, Troy Williams, Rade Zagorac


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