NBA Draft: Top 10 Power Forward Prospects 

1.Marquese Chriss- 18, 6’10”, 233, Washington 

Chriss vs. Bender is about a toss up. Chriss has the physical frame and athletic combination that gives you the potential for a higher upside. He probably has a lower floor, which is surprising when comparing him to a foreign unknown, but Chriss is no stud defender. Still, on athleticism he is and age he has plenty of upside. 

2. Dragan Bender- 18, 7’1”, 225, Bosnia

Bender has everything you wanted in Kristaps Porzingis last year. He has the size for sure, and may even have more muscle mass. Still, he is not quite the same shooter and is not nearly the defender at this point. Still, it gives him amazing upside and makes him tough to pass on. 

3. Deyonta Davis- 19, 6’11”, 237, Michigan State

Davis learned patience and how important experience and understanding is while playing one year under Tom Izzo. When he played sparingly for Izzo he flashed everything you want in a big man in today’s NBA. He can step out a bit, but can defend the rim. 

4. Skal Labissiere- 20, 7’, 216, Kentucky  

Labissiere is one of the better athletes of anyone on the list. He also may have the best shot of the group. However, in his limited time at Kentucky he showed a few of his big weaknesses. Strength is the biggest one, and defending the rim seems as though it will be a major problem. He also has not shown a post game and will need to work on that. Right now he is limited. 

5. Henry Ellenson- 19, 7’, 242, Marquette 

Ellenson has some good upside, especially for his shooting ability and size. Still, like Labissiere right now he is limited as a rim defender. Even more so than Skal he is completely limited as a defender. He doesn’t have the athletic ability to step outside of the paint but will have to prove that he can defend the paint to be an NBA starter. 

6. Brice Johnson- 21, 6’11”, 209, UNC 

Johnson saw his stock shoot up during the NCAA Tournament, but you still the limitations he has. He cannot step his game to far out on offense, but he will not be able to defend centers in the NBA. If he can gain a little bit more as a shooter he has enough athleticism to make it, but he will more than likely be a bench role player. 

7. Damian Jones- 20, 7’, 244, Vanderbilt

Jones has a good combination of size and athleticism. He has a strong ability to defend both at the rim and as an underrated outside defender. Still, he has no outside shot and is not a force in the paint on offense. He will need his game developed a bit. 

8.Guerschon Yabusele- 20, 6’8”, 270, France 

Yabusele is a major project, but his physical profile gives him a great chance. He is undersized in height, but is strong enough to defend the rim and fight with big men for rebounds. He is very athletic and can run the floor, defend the perimeter and be a threat to score above the rim. Still, he is pretty raw in his game, and his defensive awareness is lacking. He may be used as a draft and stash. 

9. Ben Bentil- 21, 6’8”, 229, Providence 

Bentil is still pretty raw in his game. As a scorer, he can shoot from most spots, can handle the ball and create. As a defender however his awareness is still lacking. He also doesn’t really have any awareness on offense. He has skills, but will need to break away from relying on his couple of moves to be his only game. 

 10. Juan Hernangomez- 6’9” 225, Spain

Hernangomez could be a wing and at his ceiling could be a Danilo Gallinari type. At the moment he does not have the offensive game, and certainly does not have the defensive game. Still, he is a plus shooter and with his size and physical frame a lot of the rest of the work can be coached up. 

Others considered (alphabetically):

Joel Bolomboy, Robert Carter, Alex Poythress, Pascal Siakam, Devin Williams


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