NBA Draft: Top 10 shooting guard prospects 

1. Jamal Murray- 19, 6’5”, 201, Kentucky 

Murray has the upside to be an elite scorer in the NBA. He has all of the athletic features, can handle the ball, shoot, create, and play off of others. His defense isn’t the strongest yet, but with his age and ability there is definitely room to grow. 

2. Buddy Hield- 22, 6’5”, 212, Oklahoma

Hield is going to be an above average scorer in the NBA. He has shown every step of his draft process that he is an elite shooter and he has the size and length to be a much better defender. 

3. Wade Baldwin IV-20, 6’4”, 202, Vanderbilt

Baldwin is another combo guard like Murray who can play in a variety of ways. He is better as a scoring guard mainly because he is a better shooter than ball handler at this point. He still has the athleticism and can guard both positions and has the capabilities to be an NBA starter. 

4. Furkan Korkmaz- 18, 6’7”, 185, Turkey 

Korkmaz is one of the younger prospects and will more than likely spend another year or so overseas. Still, he is one of the better pure shooters in the draft and given his length and athleticism there is a lot to like. The questions will be whether he can add much more to his game of if he will be a straight shooter in the NBA. 

5. Malik Beasley-19, 6’5”, 190, Florida State 

Beasley was another combo guard but projects much more as a scoring threat. His combination of length and shooting ability make him an asset. He is much better off of the ball, and did not get to show that as much as a primary ball handler for the Noles last year. With his age and ability he definitely brings intrigue and has upside of a starter. 

6. Malcolm Brogdon- 23, 6’6”, 223, Virginia

When looking at Brogdon you are thinking strictly a three and d player. He essentially has both down already, and was a player of the year finalist last year. Brogdon doesn’t have much upside due to his age and abilities, but he should know his role and should be able to play it well. 

7. Malachi Richardson- 20, 6’6”, 200, Syracuse

Richardson is a very interesting prospect because he did not show the peaks of his game until the NCAA tournament in his sophomore year. There he flashed a three and d guy with the upside to do more. He has the length and the defense seems to be down which is a major factor for him. If he is more consistent on offense in the NBA he will find a job. 

8. Patrick McCaw- 20, 6’7”, 181, UNLV

McCaw is another fascinating prospect. The upside says he can be the steal of the draft. The downside said he cannot shoot, and it is unknown if he can handle the ball in the NBA. He has the length and the defense however and those are two major pieces. He played both guard positions in college, and coaching issues never really got him to a comfort zone. He may take time, but McCaw could be a great asset. 

9. Caris LeVert- 21, 6’7”, 191, Michigan 

LeVert has a lot to love as a prospect. He is long, he can defend and has sustained at both guard positions. However, he is not an elite shooter and last year spent most of the season out to a foot injury. 

10. Sheldon McClellan- 23, 6’6” 198, Miami  

McClellan is nice because he projects so well as a role player. He is a shooter with length and has all of the ability to be a 3-and-d role player in the NBA

Others considered (alphabetically)
Ron Baker, AJ English, Michael Gbinije, Daniel Hamilton, Daniel House 


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