NBA Draft: Top 10 Point Guard Prospects 

1. Kris Dunn- 22, 6’4”, 205, Providence 

Dunn projects the most to being a future starter. It is because of his length and his defense. He should be able to guard both guard positions in the NBA and has the athleticism to maintain on offense. He can handle the ball and if he improves as a shooter he may be the best player in the draft. 

2. Dejounte Murray- 19, 6’5”, 170, Washington

Murray is a project who would be taken high because of his upside. He has showed he still does not have the best understanding of the game and dealt with turnovers in college. Still his age length and athletic profile combine to make him a high risk, high reward pick. 

3. Tyler Ulis- 20, 5’10”, 149, Kentucky  

Ulis has an extremely low ceiling, but with that has a very low floor. He can be a low end starter, but at his best would be a bench guard on a good team. His size is obviously a factor, but he can shoot and handle the ball. Last year he was the emotional leader at Kentucky and you saw that he has what it takes to play in the league. 

4. Demetrius Jackson- 21, 6’2”, 194, Notre Dame

Jackson has the athleticism and the upside to be a starter at one point. He doesn’t have the best skills with the ball in his hands, and is not the best creator but he can run an offense and still has great upside due to his athleticism. 

5. Kay Felder- 21, 5’10”, 177, Oakland

Felder has brought on comparisons to Nate Robinson. It starts with his size but continues with his ability to explode toward the hoop. 

6. Fred VanVleet- 22, 6’, 197, Wichita State

VanVleet is obviously one of the more experienced guards and basically was a four-year starter at Wichita State. He has no upside, but his ability to defend point guards and his experience, game smarts and shooting ability should find him a bench guard spot. 

7. Isaiah Whitehead- 21, 6’5”, 210, Seton Hall

Whitehead is a player who may not be ready for the NBA yet, but has the upside of a starter in the league. He can handle the ball and create his shot. If he can become a well rounded play maker and better defender his talent can take him a lot higher. 

8. Isaiah Cousins- 22, 6’6”, 191, Oklahoma 

Cousins is a valued prospect because of his defense and length. He is tall for a point guard and guarded the better of the two wings next to Buddy Hield on Oklahoma. 

9. Gary Payton Jr.-23, 6’3”, 184, Oregon State 

Payton is long, he can defend, rebound and is best in transition. He doesn’t have a shooting touch yet and may find a role in the league as an energy defender. 

10. Yogi Ferrell- 23, 6’, 178, Indiana 

Ferrell proved he has what it takes to make it when he went head to head with Tyler Ulis and excelled. Ferrell is quick and smart and should be able to find a job as an energy player off of the bench. 

Others considered (alphabetically):
Cat Barber, Marcus Paige, Isaiah Taylor, Thomas Walkup,Wes Washpun 


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