Top 10 Strong Safties in the NFL

1. Reshad Jones

In the box, no one is more consistent than Jones. He can hit like a truck and is a force against the run. He is also quick and has the footwork that want you to see from a free safety. He is the complete package as a safety and there are few better. 

2. Kam Chancellor

Chancellor plays his game like a former linebacker. He is one of the harder hitters in the NFL, and has the size to matchup and press tight ends in coverage and beat them physically. In the Seattle Cover three there is not a better strong safety option. 

3. TJ Ward

Ward in terms of tackling efficiency is as good as you will find in the NFL. He suffered some injuries last year, and is closer to the end of his prime, but after his playoff run, and how important he was when coming back from injury it is tough to find better.

4. Mike Adams

The Colts do not have much on defense, but Adams is at least a piece that they can hold onto. Tackling efficiency is something where Adams thrive, and his play against the run could be the best in the NFL.

5. George Iloka

Compared to Adams, Iloka is longer than him, but Adams is more athletic and can roam from sideline to sideline. Other than that you can say that they are comparable safeties. While Reggie Nelson had all the name value in the secondary last year, it should be noted the Bengals immediately signed Iloka and never gave Nelson an offer. 

6. Kenny Vaccaro

Vaccaro’s biggest problem is that he is overly aggressive, and does not have the defense behind to take risks. He has all the physical tools you want and has the ability to make game changing plays, but any time he does not it is usually resulting in big plays. Hopefully the defense can grow around him and bring out the best in Vaccarro soon. 

7. Calvin Pryor

Pryor is on the rise as a starting safety in his second year. He is really rough in coverage, but in the box and running down hill at running backs is how he is one of the best in the league. Pryor should only be improving in year two of Todd Bowles defense and 2016 will put his name on the map. 

8. Barry Church 

Church has been extremely consistent for the past three years. He has been a versatile defender, and has been able to keep the defense from falling apart in the past few year. 

9. Antoine Bethea

Bethea suffered injury last year, but in a position that doesn’t have all the high end talent in the world, his skills and abilities still make him worthy of the ranking. Next to Reid, who also cracked the top ten list the 49ers should at least be able to find some consistent play in the back end. 

10. Landon Collins

Collins was miscast last season and it took away from his abilities, but looking at him as a strong safety playing more in the box gives you a lot of hope. He was worst in coverage than you would like, especially when he had to play free safety. They drafted Darian Thompson, who should start immediately and make an impact so the play of Collins should be strong in 2016. 


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