Top 10 Corner Backs in the NFL

1. Richard Sherman

Sherman is still the top shut down guy. He is a Cover-3 corner and that is his biggest knock, but he is still shut down, and he uses his knowledge of his coverage to his advantage more than any other corner. He has the combination of size, speed, and smarts that no other corner has. Whether it is teams scheming away from him or him baiting them into he always has an impact on games, and is more valuable than any other corner. 

2. Chris Harris 

Harris seems to be underrated playing across from Aqib Talib who gives himself media attention. Still, it is usually Harris taking on top receivers and it is Harris that moves around the field and plays in the slot. In the slot you can argue Harris is the best cornerback in football. That mainly comes down to the foot work with him and he has that quickest reaction and is usually able to beat receivers to their spot because of how smooth he can move.  

3. Darrelle Revis

Revis Island still exists, and it is about as good as ever. He has lost a small step, but he is another guy who has footwork that keeps him being a consistent corner for years. Revis has all of the consistency and the ability to remain in the upper tier for a few years to come. 

4. Desmond Trufant

Trufant broke out in his third year, and if he is not a household name yet he will be by 2017. Trufant has the total package for a shutdown corner, and last year was the least targeted cornerback of any starter in the NFL. He has the right coaching and all of the signs point to him being a potential All-Pro in the 2016-17 season. 
5. Patrick Peterson

Peterson had by far his best season last year. He proved that he belongs on this list and near the top. He is not quite along the elite yet, but his 2015 was elite. He always has great athleticism and is now showing the footwork as a corner. He isn’t the strongest corner, but if his 2016 is anything like 2015 he should be right with the top tier players. 

6. Josh Norman

Norman broke out from a guy unknown to an easy top ten cornerback. He gets the same argument against him as Sherman due to the scheme of his defense, but like Sherman he shouldn’t be knocked for baiting players into traps because he knows where his help is. Norman will move to Washington now, which will be interesting but they should play a similar scheme and he should still have a strong year. 

7. Stephon Gilmore

The Bills have a duo of studs, and there may be people mad that I have Gilmore over Darby. Darby is good and up and coming, but Gilmore is a very consistent corner and has locked up some of the bigger and better receivers. Gilmore has a big frame and can play a physical game, and now in the Rex Ryan defense his play should be improving. 

8. Ronald Darby

Darby arguably had a better 2015 season than Gilmore. Ryan did throw him on some of the top wide receivers last year, and he showed up for almost every call. He was useful because he could slide into the slot and was much better than expected for a rookie on the outside. This should be a big season with two top ten cornerbacks in Buffalo. 

9. Darius Slay

Slay is showing a bit of recency bias, but his back end of the 2015 would have him as one of the best cornerbacks in the game. Slay came into the league in 2013 and started he was never bad, he usually was a mid tier cornerback but last year his play was in the top ten. He said he wants paid like a top tier cornerback, and he probably will not command that if he has a strong 2016 season. 

10. Marcus Peters

Peters is another rookie on the list, but he proved early and often that this could be the lowest he is on the list. He has all the physical tools and like to play bump and run. He had cost himself once or twice going for interceptions, but last year he put up 8 and took two to the house. He deserves the ranking after a fine rookie year. 


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