Top 10 centers in the NFL

1. Travis Frederick

The debate between Frederick and Ryan Kalil is probably as good of a debate in football. Both centers lead high run heavy offenses, and both have been emergent in past couple of seasons. Frederick is younger and is still in his prime so he does get the edge as arguably the top up and coming interior lineman in the league, but on a talent level he is right there with Kalil.

2. Ryan Kalil

Kalil was an underrated piece in what made the Panthers offense so successful last season. Of course, he was rewarded for his actions and was named a first team All-Pro performer this season, the second of his career, but it still feels like he could use more praise for being an elite center for so long, but potentially just now is hitting his peak. 

3. Maurkice Pouncey

Pouncey was tough to rank because he spent his entire 2015 season on the sideline with a broken fibula. Still, he seems fully healthy, he is still only 26, and he has as many first team All-Pro awards as Kalil. He is on the same level as the top two and a year on the field will only support that statement.  

4.Rodney Hudson

Yet another Raider offensive lineman to add to the list. Hudson spent his first season in Oakland after leaving Kansas City and last year he saw the best play of his career. The Pro Football Writers Association rated him as the best center in the AFC in 2015, and with Pouncey on the sideline it is tough to argue against that. 

5. Alex Mack

Mack is on the move from Cleveland to Atlanta. While it may appear he let his best play go while he was in Cleveland, he now is back with Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator he had in 2013, one of the best seasons of his career. 

6. Weston Richburg

Richburg is only in his second season, but the former second round pick has not started in only one career game. Since his emergence the Giants offensive line has went from one of the worst in the league to one on the rise. His help on the interior has seemed to get the most out of Justin Pugh as well. 

7. Max Unger

During the Jimmy Graham trade a lot of talk seemed to be that the Seahawks were ready to move on from Unger who had hit his peak. While he was not a known player last year being the center on a losing team, his play was still fine. The Saints should be looking to run the ball consistently more than last year, so Unger should be given a chance to prove that he is still pretty elite at his position.

8. Corey Linsley

Linsley is coming along as another stud on the interior for the Packers. He has yet to miss a start and is strong in the run game. 

9. Mike Pouncey 

It is tough to say whether Poucey is overrated because of his brother, or if he is actually deserving of his rank. In one regard, he is and has been the best lineman on the Dolphins, seemingly from the day he got drafted. On the other, it is not like the Dolphins have had a good line since drafting him, and with a strong piece to build around you would assume it cannot be that hard. 

10. Jason Kelce

About two years ago Kelce was regarded in the same tier of the Pouncey and Kalil group. Age and injury is startin to catch up with him but given his experience and the performances that we have seen he should still be looked at in the class of the league at least for the time being. 


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