National League Power Ranking 5-31-16 

1. Chicago Cubs (34-14) LW: 1 

In the midst of a five game winning streak. 

2. San Francisco Giants (32-21) LW: 2 

Jeff Samardjizila is becoming the strong third pitcher they wanted him to be. 

3.  Pittsburgh Pirates (28-21) LW: 4 

The Pirates pitching should see a boost soon with the emergence of Jameson Tallion. 

4. Washington Nationals (30-21) LW: 3 

The Nats lineup should see a boost soon with the emergence of Trae Turner 

5. New York Mets (29-21) LW: 5 

Matt Harvey had a huge bounce back start over the weekend. If he can pick up this team is dangerous. 

6. St. Louis Cardinals (26-25) LW: 6 

Taking two from the Nationals was big, but this team does not seem to have the same pitching as last year. 

7. Los Angeles Dodgers (27-24) LW: 7 

The Dodgers are 10-1 when Clayton Kershaw starts this season and are 17-23 when he does not. 

8. Philadelphia Phillies (26-24) LW: 8 

Even lower end Jeremy Hellickson is giving this team a pitching boost. 

9. Miami Marlins (26-24) LW: 10 

You have to wonder if this team could be competitive if Giancarlo Stanton can give them anything this summer. 

10. Colorado Rockies (23-26) LW: 9 

The pitching is starting to catch up with this team. 

11.Arizona Diamondbacks (23-29) LW: 11 

Nothing has gone their way as their big trade of Shelby Miller has back fired in the worst way now that he is on the DL. 

12. Milwaukee Brewers (23-27) LW: 12 

The Brewers are going to be able to continually hit while they figure things out for next year. 

13. San Diego Padres (20-31) LW: 13 

The big news out of San Diego is that James Shields is officially on the trade block. 

14. Cincinnati Reds (16-34) LW: 14 

The Reds want to move on from Joey Votto, but it will be tough to get a solid return back for him. 

15. Atlanta Braves (15-35) LW: 15 

The Braves said they will not move Julio Teheran if all they are getting in return is prospects. 


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