American League Power Rankings 5-31-16

1. Boston Red Sox (30-20) LW: 5 

The hitting is not going to quit and the pitching is starting to round into form. Eduardo Rodriguez should also join the rotation.

2. Seattle Mariners (28-21) LW: 2 

After a rough May from King Felix, he will be looking for a strong June to make a statement in the division.

3.Texas Rangers (29-21) LW: 3 

Yu Darvish looked strong in his MLB debut this week.

4. Cleveland Indians (26-22) LW: 6 

Jose Ramirez is on a tear that is giving this Indians lineup new life.

5. Baltimore Orioles (28-20) LW: 4 

Chris Tillman is starting to show regression, but overall this lineup can keep the Orioles in it.

6. Chicago White Sox (27-24) LW: 1 

The Sox are starting to hit a wall. The pitching was performing well over their heads, now they are slowly coming back to reality.

7. Kansas City Royals (27-22) LW: 8 

It seems that if the Royals can get healthy for any stretch this season they can be right in contention. Unfortunately they cannot stay healthy.

8. Toronto Blue Jays (26-26) LW: 7 

Troy Tulowitzki heads to the DL while Marcus Stroman shows major regression. This seems to feel like the norm for the 2016 Blue Jays.

9. Detroit Tigers (24-25) LW: 9 

JD Martinez and Miguel Cabrera are starting to play their best baseball. If guys like Justin Upton and Anibal Sanchez can join them they will be very competitive.

10. Tampa Bay Ray (22-26) LW: 11 

Chris Archer had his best start of the season this week. Now to see if he can build on it.

11. Houston Astros (22-29) LW: 10 

Going 5-2 this week compounded with getting Carlos Gomez off of the DL may be the spark this underacheiving team needs.

12. New York Yankees (24-25) LW: 13

The Yankees need a punch of youth and with Greg Bird injured and Luis Severino heading to AAA it does not feel it will come this year.

13. Oakland A’s (22-29) LW: 12

Rich Hill, essentially their only worthwhile pitcher this year was pulled from a start early with a groin issue.

14. Los Angeles Angels (22-28) LW: 14

Mike Trout is on fire but giving up two of three to the Astros shows they are no where near competitive.

15. Minnesota Twins (15-34) LW: 15 

Worst team in baseball


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