Logan’s Picks: 2016 NFL Mock Draft (Rounds 1 & 2)

By: Logan Helfferich

I’ll be predicting how each team uses their draft picks in the first two rounds, with no more trades taking place after the Rams/Titans and Eagles/Browns trades. Obviously, there will be some more trades taking place, but this is how I see things shaping up if teams decide to stay put. I’ll also be including my Top 50 ranking for each player I have getting drafted in the opening two rounds, in order to distinguish good value picks from picks where teams reached a bit too high.
Round 1

  1. Los Angeles Rams: J. Goff, QB California (#50)
  2. Philadelphia Eagles: C. Wentz, QB N. Dakota St. (#44)
  3. San Diego Chargers: D. Buckner, DE Oregon (#2)
  4. Dallas Cowboys: J. Ramsey, CB/S Florida St. (#1)
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars: L. Tunsil, OT Ole Miss (#4)
  6. Baltimore Ravens: J. Bosa, DE/OLB Ohio St. (#6)
  7. San Francisco 49ers: R. Stanley, OT Notre Dame (#8)
  8. Cleveland Browns: L. Treadwell, WR Ole Miss (#11)
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: V. Hargreaves, CB Florida (#7)
  10. New York Giants: E. Elliot, RB Ohio St. (#5)
  11. Chicago Bears: J. Conklin, OT Michigan St. (#21)
  12. New Orleans Saints: A. Robinson, DT Alabama (#20)
  13. Miami Dolphins: K. Dodd, DE Clemson (#25)
  14. Oakland Raiders: M. Jack, LB UCLA (#3)
  15. Tennessee Titans: S. Lawson, DE/OLB Clemson (#10)
  16. Detroit Lions: R. Ragland, LB Alabama (#9)
  17. Atlanta Falcons: J. Doctson, WR TCU (#12)
  18. Indianapolis Colts: L. Floyd, LB Georgia (#18)
  19. Buffalo Bills: S. Rankins, DT Louisville (#16)
  20. New York Jets: N. Spence, DE E. Kentucky (#13)
  21. Washington Redskins: C. Coleman, WR Baylor (#17)
  22. Houston Texans: R. Kelly, C Alabama (#42)
  23. Minnesota Vikings: C. Whitehair, OG Kansas St. (#34)
  24. Cincinnati Bengals: A. Billings, DT Baylor (#15)
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers: K. Joseph, S West Virginia (#27)
  26. Seattle Seahawks: E. Apple, CB Ohio St. (#31)
  27. Green Bay Packers: D. Lee, LB Ohio St. (#26)
  28. Kansas City Chiefs: V. Butler, DT Louisiana Tech (#14)
  29. Arizona Cardinals: W. Jackson III, CB Houston (#32)
  30. Carolina Panthers: G. Ifedi, G/OT Texas A&M (NA)
  31. Denver Broncos: P. Lynch, QB Memphis (NA)


Round 2

  1. Cleveland Browns: T. Decker, OT Ohio St. (#22)
  2. Tennessee Titans: J. Bullard, DT Florida (#36)
  3. Dallas Cowboys: R. Nkemdiche, DE Ole Miss (#38)
  4. San Diego Chargers: H. Henry, TE Arkansas (NA)
  5. Baltimore Ravens: M. Alexander, CB Clemson (#33)
  6. San Francisco 49ers: M. Thomas, WR Ohio St. (#23)
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars: K. Fuller, CB Virginia Tech (#39)
  8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: E. Ogbah, DE Oklahoma St. (#47)
  9. New York Giants: K. Neal, S Florida (#46)
  10. Chicago Bears: J. Reed, DT Alabama (#19)
  11. Miami Dolphins: K. Correa, DE/OLB Boise St. (NA)
  12. Tennessee Titans: D. Henry, RB Alabama (#24)
  13. Oakland Raiders: J. Spriggs, OT Indiana (NA)
  14. Tennessee Titans: L. Clark, OT Texas Tech (NA)
  15. Detroit Lions: C. Jones, DT Mississippi St. (#40)
  16. New Orleans Saints: X. Howard, CB Baylor (NA)
  17. Indianapolis Colts: J. Garnett, G Stanford (41)
  18. Buffalo Bills: W. Fuller, WR Notre Dame (#29)
  19. Atlanta Falcons: A. Hooper, TE Arizona St. (NA)
  20. New York Jets: C. Cook, QB Michigan St. (NA)
  21. Houston Texans: N. Martin, C/G Notre Dame (NA)
  22. Washington Redskins: V. Bell, S Ohio St. (#45)
  23. Minnesota Vikings: T. Boyd, WR Pittsburgh (#30)
  24. Cincinnati Bengals: S. Shepard, WR Oklahoma (#35)
  25. Seattle Seahawks: K. Clark, DT UCLA (#37)
  26. Green Bay Packers: S. Cravens, LB/S USC (#43)
  27. Pittsburgh Steelers: J. Mills, CB/S LSU (NA)
  28. Kansas City Chiefs: C. Hackenberg, QB Penn St. (NA)
  29. New England Patriots: S. Calhoun, DE Michigan St. (#48)
  30. New England Patriots: TJ Green, S Clemson (NA)
  31. Carolina Panthers: A. Burns, CB Miami (NA)
  32. Denver Broncos: J. Jenkins, LB Georgia (NA) 

Top 50 Players Not Drafted: D. Thompson, S Boise St. (#28), K. Dixon, RB Louisiana Tech (#49)


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