2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Linebacker Prospects

  1. Myles Jack 6’1″ 245, UCLA

Could be the most complete player in the entire draft. However, tore his mensiscus in September of last year and has long term knee questions attached to it.

Projection: Top 10

2. Reggie Ragland 6’1″ 247, Alabama

Loves to snuff out the run. Lays a lumber in the box but isn’t strongest at moving side to side in pass coverage

Projection: round 1

3. Su’a Cravens 6’1″ 226, USC

Cravens is a bit scheme specific and some have mentioned he can play safety or will be relagated to a WILL position in a 4-3. Still, Cravens is a pure football player and can find the ball and make tackles which is what is needed in that position.

Projection: Late 1- Round 2

4. Darron Lee 6’1″ 232, Ohio State

In the same boat as Cravens in which they are undersized and scheme specific players. Lee is a bit more athletic and faster than Cravens, but doesn’t have the same instsicts

Projection: Late 1st- Round 2

5. Deion Jones 6’1″ 222, LSU

Even smaller than Cravens and Lee, but this kid loves to hit and loves to stop the run. We see him as our LB value pick.

Projection: Round 2

6. Scooby Wright 6′ 239, Arizona 

High motor guy who seems to know and love the game of football. A guy who will not go to ProBowls or anything but can be a starting linebacker for years.

Projection: Round 3

7. Nick Kwiatoski 6’2″ 243, West Virginia

Similar to Wright in which you should be able to plug both in the middle as starters for years. Kwiatoski is a bit more limited in range, but can always find the football.

Projection Round 3

8. Antonio Morrison 6’1″ 232, Florida

His 2015 season came after an injury and he looked like a more tentative player this year. He is already undersized, and fits best in a 3-4 as a MLB so he has challenges to face to be a better run defender.

Projection: Round 3

9. Jatavis Brown 5’11” 227, Akron

Really productive three year starer who can fly all over the field and make any plays. His size and whether he can hold up in the box will be his big questions.

Projection: Round 3

10. Josh Perry 6’4″ 254, Ohio State

The biggest linebacker in the class and somewhat limited in coverage, but he can find the ball, play side to side and play in the box with consistent success.

Projection: Late 3rd- Early fourth round


**Ommitted- Jaylon Smith (injury)



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