2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Edge Rusher Prospects

  1. Joey Bosa 6’5″295- DE- Ohio State

Bosa is arguably the safest player in the draft. He has power and good form and it is hard to knock that.

Projection: Top 10

2. Shaq Lawson 6’3″ 269- DE- Clemson

Lawson is a phsyical freak and can rush the passer and play off of the ball in coverage. At 21 he has the highest upside of any edge rusher.

Projection: Mid First

3. Noah Spence 6’2″ 251- DE- Eastern Kentucky

Off-field issues dropped him from Ohio State to Eastern Kentucky. Still, he produced like no other and was clearly the best player at that level. He will now have to deal with a bigger transition however.

Projection: First round

4. Leonard Floyd 6’6″ 244, LB- Georgia

Floyd is the most athletic of all the edge players and is talented playing off of the line of scrimmage. If he can put on some upper body muscle he can be a complete package.

Projection: First Round

5. Kevin Dodd 6’5″ 277- DE- Clemson

Dodd made a name for himself in the NCAA playoff this year. He has the power and pass rushing ability to be more than just a two game stud though.

Projection: Late first- Early 2nd round

6. Emmanuel Ogbah 6’4″ 273- LB- Oklahoma State

Extremely productive and produced 17.5 sacks last season. However, he takes plays off, does little in the run defense and really only has one pass rushing move with little else as a player.

Projection: 2nd round

7. Shilique Calhoun 6’4″ 251, DE, Michigan State

Loves to play physical and rush the passer, but does not have any skill to play off of the ball.

Projection: 2nd round

8. Kyle Fackrell 6’4″ 245 LB, Utah State

Probably the best of this bunch off the ball. He tore his ACL in 2014, but was still really productive in 2015 and can play a variety of defensive alignments.

Projection: Late 2nd- Early 3rd

9. Jordan Jenkins 6’3″ 259- DE- Georgia

One of the best in run defense. Does not have much in the pass rush, but can learn.

Projection: 3rd Round

10. Carl Nassib 6’7″ 277- DE- Penn State

Came in and was extremely productive, and can hold his own in the run defense. However, he is a former walk on and really is raw in his technique  and ability.

Projection: 3rd Round


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