2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Interior Defensive Line Prospects

  1. DeForest Buckner- 6’7″ 291, Oregon

This guy is a freak of nature. He is long, strong, his hands are bigger a sheet of paper and he lines up all over the defensive line. Close to a cannot miss guy.

projection: Top 10

2. Vernon Butler- 6’4″ 323, Lousiana Tech

Monster force in the middle, but is still a bit raw. Reminds you of Muhammed Wilkerson in flashes.

Projection: Round 1

3. Andrew Billings 6’1″ 311, Baylor

Pure nose tackle type. As strong as anyone in the draft, but needs to work on durability and stamina. Only 20 years old though, so we love the upside.

Projection: Round 1

4. Sheldon Rankins 6’1″ 299, Louisville

A force, and a bit underrated in his pass rush.Some see him as a little undersized to take on interior lineman all the time, and he may be forced to a 3-4 DE, but his power and strength give him a chance to be versatile.

Projection: Round 1

5. Jonathan Bullard 6’3″ 285, Florida

The Fellas early value pick for the defensive line. This guy explodes off of the ball. Many question where he will fit because he is longer and leaner than a typical interior guy, but with his knack for the ball and explosion we do not care. He can play.

Projection: Late 1- Early 2nd

6. Jarran Reed 6’3″ 307, Alabama

Absolute force in the run game. A lot of people like A’shawn Robinson from Alabama more, but it was Reed who the extra blockers focused on and it was Reed consistently beating double teams.

Projection: Late 1- Early 2nd

7. A’Shawn Robinson 6’4″ 307, Alabama

Has all of the measurables and the young age of 20 to have a higher ceiling than most. However, he typically looks awkward in movement and has balance issues.

Projection: Late 1- Round 2

8. Robert Nkemdiche 6’3″ 294, Ole Miss

A complete player physically. Can get up field and beat blockers in dominating fashion. However, he typically has no idea where he is going or where the ball has gone.

Projection: Late 1- Round 2

9. Kenny Clark -6’3″ 314, UCLA

One of the best lower bases in the class. Can hold up his own on the interior, but does not have the lateral movement to be much more than a guy who takes up blockers.

Projection: Round 2

10. Adolphus Washington 6’3″ 301, Ohio State

Good at moving laterally and tracking down the ball. Does not have the lower base to hold his ground and take on blockers.

Projection round 2



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