2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Offensive Lineman

  1. Laremy Tunsil 6’5″ 310, LT, Ole Miss                                                                                    Tunsil seemed to pull away as the clear cut top lineman during the combine. At that point he became a clear atheltic freak and was just looked at in a different tier completely                                                                                                                               Projection: Top 10 pick
  2. Ronnie Stanley 6’6″ 312, LT, Notre Dame                                                                            A lot had Stanley and Tunsil 1a and 1b deep into the draft process. Core strength of Tunsil magnified his spot, but Stanley is rather safe himself.               Projection: Mid First
  3. Taylor Decker 6’7″ 310, LT, Ohio State                                                                                  A pure mauler. One of the most phsyically gifted, and physcal styles of play in the draft.                                                                                                                                          Projection: Round 1
  4. Jack Conklin 6’6″ 308, T, Michigan State                                                                              Conklin sprung up draft boards with two strong games against DeForest Buckner. Team captain at MSU.He is similar to Decker in their nasty, physical style of play.                                                                                                              Projection: Round 1
  5. Jason Spriggs 6’6″ 301, T, Indiana                                                                                         More athletically gifted than guys like Conklin and Decker. However he doesn’t have the pure anchor ability and play strength that they have which shows a bigger weakness.                                                                                                                           Projection: Early 2nd round
  6. Cody Whitehair 6’4″, 301, G, Kansas State                                                                       Whitehair is our hands down best guard. He is a mauler and one of the stronger players in the draft.                                                                                                                      Projection: Early 2nd round
  7. Ryan Kelly 6’4″ 311, C, Alabama                                                                                           Best center prospect in the draft. Has been compared to Ryan Kalil as a guy who is a general and a safe pick due to his ability to play smart and physical.        Projection: Early Round 2
  8. German Ifedi 6’6″ 324, G/T, Texas A&M                                                                             Played up and down the line at A&M and is considered a talent at any position due to his athleticsm. However, he is raw and did not play in an offense that resembled anything close to pro style.                                                                                  Projection: round 2
  9. Vadal Alexander 6’5″ 326, G/T, LSU                                                                                        Projects much more as a guard than a center. Main concerns are due to size and speed, which would affect him much less on the interior.                                              Projection: Round 2
  10. Joshua Garnett 6’4″ 312, G, Stanford

The 2015 Outland award winner for best interior lineman is as strong as they come and loves to plow defensive tackles in the run game. However, reports have come out that he is a touch out of shape, and does not always finish plays which would obviously need to be worked on.

Projection: Round 2


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