2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Tight End Prospects

  1. Hunter Henry 6’5″, 250, Arkansas 

Henry is the safest, and most talented overall prospect. Solid overall, but doesn’t have any elite skills.

Projection: Round 2

2. Austin Hooper 6’4″ 254, Stanford

Another Stanfrod tight end prospect in a long line. Hoope is a guy with a skill set somewhat similar to Coby Fleener in which he can be a talented blocker, but should never be discounted for his receiving skills.

Projection: Late 2nd- Early 3rd round

3. Jerell Adams- 6’5″, 247, South Carolina 

Picture Jared Cook. Now you’ve pictured Jerell Adams.

Projection: round 3

4. Nick Vannett- 6’6″ 257, Ohio State

Strongest blocking option in the draft with underrated abilities in the passing game.Has nice athleticsm for his size.

Projection: round 3

5. Bryce Williams- 6’6″ 257, East Carolina 

A Jimmy Graham type of tight end without all of the freak of nature former basketball star attributes that Graham brings. Can be a pressence in the passing game, but will be a liability in blocking.

Projection: round 4

6. Darion Griswold- 6’5″ 255, Arkansas State

Raw, former basketball player who looks more comfortable boxing out in the end zone than running down the seem.

Projection: Round 4

7. Jake McGee- 6’5″ 255, Florida

Sixth year senior with an injury history gives him a really low upside. However, he has the hands and the smarts to be a receiving threat in the NFL.

Projection: Round 5

8. Thomas Duarte- 6’2″, 231, UCLA

Caught 10 touch downs last year. However he has no interest in blocking at all, making him a tough guy to find snaps for in the NFL.

Projection: round 5

9. Henry Kreiger-Coble- 6’3″ 245, Iowa 

Has underrated athleticsm, but has not proven he can be a reliable receivng threat yet. Looks best in a run first offense.

Projection: Round 6

10. David Morgan – 6’4″ 262, UT-San Antonio

Strongest tight end in the draft. Also has very sure hands. That said he is not an athlete and not a swift mover.

Projection: round 6

* *omitted- Tyler Higbee (off field)



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