2016 NFL Draft: Top 15 Wide Receiver Prospects

1.Laquon Treadwell 6’2″ 221, Ole Miss

Best blocking prospect by a landlside gives him the lowest floor. Has the size, length and catching ability to be a star. Needs to work on drops and isn’t the strongest athlete.

Projection: Round 1

2. Josh Doctson 6’2″ 202, TCU

Ability to make contested catches and catches in the air is unreal. Not a refined route runner and will need to put on size to be a top dog in the league, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Projection: Round 1

3. Will Fuller 6′ 186, Notre Dame

No one can take the top off like Fuller. If he can fix concentration drops he will have a career similar to Desean Jackson.

projection: Round 1

4. Corey Coleman 5’11” 194, Baylor 

The Fellas were split on the Coleman vs Fuller debate. Logan and Parker chose Coleman, Aaron and Dave went Fuller. Coleman has more athleticsm, but Fuller has a bigger route tree.

Projection: Round 1

5. Michael Thomas 6’3″, 212, Ohio State 

Our Fellas Parker and Dave had him as a top three receiver in the class, and Parker has him number 2 and as a top ten overall player. Thomas reminds you of Demaryius Thomas in which he has a big frame, but has the footwork and athleticsm to be a threatening possession receiver

Projection: round 1

6. Tyler Boyd 6’1″ 197, Pittsburgh 

Pure possession receiver with do everything ability. Had awful quarterback play most of his career, but still almost broke all of Larry Fitzgeralds records at Pitt. Reminds you of a Keenan Allen type.

Projection: Round 2

7. Sterling Shepard- 5’10” 194, Oklahoma 

Compares favorably to Tyler Lockett. Consistent hands and footwork, but just doesn’t have the big time size and strength to be considered a top threat on a team.

Projection: Round 2

8. Braxton Miller 6’1″ 201, Ohio State

His ceiling is Randall Cobb, and his floor is Dexter McCluster. The Fellas see him landing somewhere in the middle of the two.

Projection: Round 2

9. Pharoh Cooper-5’11” 203, South Carolina

Strong possession receiver who seems to find space and sit in it. No real upside though due to minimal athleticsm.

Projection: Late 2nd-3rd round

10. Tajae Sharpe 6’2″ 200, UMASS

Sharpe could be the most underrated from flying under the radar in UMass. He is a polished route runner, and if he can prove to play physical and be able to make contested catches against stronger corners than he has faced he should consistently stay in the league.

Projection: Late 2nd-3rd

11. Leonte Caroo 6′ 211, Rutgers

Probably only is rated so low due to his poor quarterback play at Rutgers. Potentially the bes route runner in the draft. However, he doesn’t have the deep threat ability yet to be considered a top all around guy.

Projection: Late 2nd-3rd round

12. Geronimo Allison 6’3″ 196, Illinois

Our Fella Aaron pounded on the table to get this guy on the list. He has the look of an NFL wide out, but will need to refine his game as consistency, concentration drops and poor route running has many seeing him as a late round flyer.

Projection: Round 3

13. Charone Peake 6’2″ 209, Clemson

Are we really going to doubt a Clemson wide reciever? He has the size, speed, and body type to be a successful player, but will need to focus on drops and route running to be a consistent threat.

Projection: round 3

14. Rashard Higgins 6’1″ 196, Colorado State

“Hollywood Higgins” as he is called has the big play ability to be a known commodity in the league. His skills after the catch are his most impressive, and if he can add to his route tree he will fit in any offense.

Projection: round 3

15. Malcolm Mitchell, 6′ 200, Georgia

Has big play ability. Doesn’t necessarily excel at any trait in particular, but has a strong overall game.

Projection: Round 4




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