2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Running Back Prospects

Running Back Rankings

  1. Ezekiel Elliott 6’ 225, Ohio State

One of the better running back prospects in recent history. Amazing combination of speed, agility, catching, blocking, and power.

Projection: Round 1

     2. Derrick Henry 6’3” 247, Alabama

Punisher with underrated speed. Still, not an elite athlete, and needs high volume carries to be effective. Much better in the 4th quarter than the 1st.

Projection: Round 2

    3. Kenneth Dixon 5’10” 215, Louisiana Tech

The Fellas choice for value in the running back class. A ball of fire ready to explode, and can do everything. Biggest knock is fumbles.

Projection: Round 2

    4. Alex Collins 5’10” 217, Arkansas

Really good footwork. However, much better running downhill than side to side. Has a bit of underrated power due to that fact.

Projection: Late 2nd

   5. CJ Prosise 6’ 200, Notre Dame

Do everything type of back. Has a ton of agility. However, was a wide receiver this point last year and is coming off of an injury.

Projection: Late 2nd-3rd round

   6. Devontae Booker 5’11” 219, Utah

Has the vision and footwork to sustain in the NFL. Does not have the athleticism, speed or agility to be a top back.

Projection: 3rd round

   7.Jordan Howard 6’, 230, Indiana/UAB

Rushed for 145 yards in every full game he played in at the collegiate level. However, struggled to finish games due to injury, and many question if he has the durability for the NFL. Projection: Late 3rd-4th round

   8. Paul Perkins 5’10” 208, UCLA

Has big time ability to create in space. Not a punishing runner, and has been compared to by scouts as a poor man’s Jamaal Charles.

Projection: Late 3rd-4th round

   9.Jonathan Williams 5’11” 220, Arkansas

Has the total package. More than likely would have been much higher on the list had he not shared carries with Collins throughout his career.

Projection: Round 4

   10. Kenyan Drake 6’1” 210, Alabama

Big time speed, agility and footwork. Reminds you of a Theo Riddick, Charles Simms type where he can be a huge threat out of the backfield. More than likely never will be a three down guy though.

Projection: Late 4th


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