2016 NFL Draft: Top 10 Quarterback Prospects

Quarterback Rankings

  1. Carson Wentz 6’5” 237, North Dakota State

Wentz has the best arm talent in the draft and has decent mobility and athleticism. His footwork in the pocket, and lack of competition at NDSU may be what holds him back from being a day one starter.

Projection: Top ten pick

2.Jared Goff 6’4” 215, California

Goff has really strong accuracy and anticipation. His footwork however makes him look panicked, he has small hands, and one of the weaker arms in terms of deep ball ability of the top ten guys.

Projection: Mid First

3.Paxton Lynch 6’7” 244, Memphis

Has the size, athleticism to be a starter. Lacks the deep ball accuracy and pocket presence to be considered a day one starter.

Projection: Late first

4. Dak Prescott 6’2” 226, Mississippi State

The Fellas see Prescott as a value in his projections, as he has what it takes to eventually be a starter. Has solid short to intermediate accuracy and is strong and mobile in a Cam Newton like way.

Projection: Round 2

5.Christian Hackenberg 6’4” 223, Penn State

Big time arm, little time accuracy. Has the look of an NFL quarterback, but a lot are questioning his mental toughness and leadership after two poor years in a system different than his freshman campaign.

Projection: 3rd round

6.Cardale Jones 6’5” 253, Ohio State

Similar to Hackenburg in that they have a cannon and little to no accuracy. Jones is probably even less accurate, and Jones has no experience in a pro style offense. Total project. Projection: 3rd round

     7.Connor Cook 6’4” 217, Michigan State

Has all the makings of a game manager. Little upside, shaky mechanics and leadership and matureness questions make him a less desired player.

Projection: Late 3rd- 4th round

  1. Jacoby Brissett 6’4” 231, North Carolina State

Has a big time arm with not so bad accuracy. Would be a much better quarterback prospect if he had any idea how to read a blitz. That makes him a project.

Projection: 4th-5th round

  1. Cody Kessler 6’1” 220, Southern California

Has all the makings for a game manager. Doesn’t have the arm strength, pocket mobility, or deep accuracy to be considered much more at this point.

Projection: 5th-6th round

  1. Kevin Hogan- 6’3” 218, Stanford

Smart guy with the size and leadership ability to make. Has really shaky mechanics, below average accuracy, and his footwork needs an overhaul.

Projection: 6th round


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