American League Power Rankings 5-23-16

  1. Chicago White Sox (26-18) LW: 1

Huge series coming up with the Indians this week

2. Seattle Mariners – (26-17) LW:3

Taking two of three from the Orioles was big.

3. Boston Red Sox  (27-17) LW: 5

The Sox are hot and may just not cool down

4. Texas Rangers – (25-19) LW: 2

Off-set being swept by the A’s with sweeping the Astros this week

5. Baltimore Orioles (26-16) LW: 4

Will be interesting to see how far this pitching can take this great lineup.

6 Cleveland Indians  (22-19)- LW6

To the surprise of many, Danny Salazar has been the ace of the staff this year.

7. Toronto Blue jays  (22-24) LW: 7

The Blue Jays bats will come together at some point and they will go on a run.

8. Kansas City Royals  (22-21) LW: 8

The Royals do not seem to have the pitching this year.

9. Detroit Tigers (21-22) LW: 9

Lets see if a 5-1 week will improve things here

10. Tampa Rays (20-21) LW: 10

The Rays continue to wait for a Chris Archer spark to put them in contention

11. Houston Astros (17-28) LW: 11

Will be the last to admit the Astros are done this year, but still might have to call it soon.

12. Oakland As  (19-26) LW: 13

Hopefully a two week DL stint can right Sonny Gray, who has been worse than Archer this year.

13. New York Yankees (21-22) LW: 12

Carlos Beltran is heating up, but lets face it this team does not have the youth to last

14. Los Angeles Amgels- (21-22)-LW: 14

Nick Tropeano may be their best pitcher. Took five of six this week,but still too hard to buy this team on papr

15. Minnesota Twins-(11-32)- LW: 15-

It is not going to get better this year.


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