National League Power Rankings 5-23-16

1. Chicago Cubs (29-13

First losing season of the week for the Cubbies

2. Washington Nationals (27-17) LW: 2

Taking two of three from the Mets this week is a big boost

3.San Fransico  (27-19) LW: 3

The Giants top three pitchers are throwing as well as a any in the league.

4. New York Mets  (25-18) LW: 4

Going to need a strong end of the season from Matt Harvey

5. Pittsburgh Pirates  (23-19) LW: 5

Jameson Tailion should enter the rotation in two weeks

6. St. Louis Cardinals  (23-21) LW: 7

If the Cardinals can get healthy this summer, they are right in the thick of the wildcard race.

7. Los Angeles Dodgers (22-23) LW: 6

Ugly week by going 2-5 against the lowly Angels and Padres

8. Philadelphia Phillies ( 25-19) LW: 8

Still feels like they are playing over their heads, but Aaron Nola and Vincenent Velasquez are the real deal.

9. Miami Marlins (22-21) LW: 9

Hanging around despite almost no contribution from Giancarlo Stanton this month.

10.Colorado Rockies  (21-21) LW;10

Something tells me Nolan Arenado will be an All-Star and in the home run derby this year

11. Arizona Diamondbacks (21-25) LW: 11

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong for the Diamondbacks this year

12. Milwaukee Brewers  (18-26) LW: 13

Alert the media the Brewers took two of three from the Cubs

13. San Diego Padres (19-26)  LW:14

Drew Pomeranz is a pleasent surprise, and may be on the trade deadline.

14.Cincinnati Reds (15-29) LW: 12

In the mmidst of a seven game lose streak

15. Atlanta Braves (12-31) LW: 15

They have the worst team in baseball.



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