Bellator 151 Preview/Predictions

By: Logan Helfferich

Main Event

Bantamweight: Joe Warren vs. Darrion Caldwell

The main event, which is likely a number-one contender fight, will most likely wind up being a wrestling match. The only way this isn’t a wrestling match is if both fighters frustrate each other by defending takedowns. Then, they’ll likely stand and go to war, which would favor Warren. If Caldwell can keep his cool on the feet and use his size and speed, he should be able to out-strike the much shorter Warren. Expect a hard-fought decision in favor of whichever fighter is able to land more takedowns. The edge goes to Caldwell due to his superior athleticism, strength and speed.

Prediction: Caldwell defeats Warren via Decision


Main Card

Welterweight: Fernando Gonzalez vs. Gilbert Smith

This fight doesn’t hold too much weight as far as rankings and title contentions go, but it should be an entertaining, back-and-forth fight nonetheless. Smith will likely look to grapple while Gonzalez will likely look to keep the fight standing and brawl. Look for Smith to get a late submission once Gonzalez has tired himself out.

Prediction: Smith defeats Gonzalez via Submission


Featherweight: Bubba Jenkins vs. Goiti Yamauchi

Yamauchi comes into this fight with 15 of his 19 wins coming via submission and has only fought to a decision five times in his career. Jenkins is known for his high pace and his wrestling, especially his takedowns. Jenkins is a well-rounded fighter though and should have the advantage on the feet in this fight. He should look to keep the fight standing and avoid submissions. Jenkins can’t allow himself to get frustrated when he’s not landing clean shots and shoot for takedowns. His only real danger in this fight is being submitted on the ground.

Prediction: Jenkins defeats Yamauchi via Decision


Bantamweight: Joe Taimanglo vs. Sirwan Kakai

Taimanglo will likely push the pace and throw big shots like he usually does. He’ll have to avoid rushing in and getting taken down by Kakai. Kakai should be patient and look for his opening for the takedown. Taimanglo usually gets reckless when he isn’t landing as much as he wants. Kakai needs to use his jab effectively and keep Taimanglo away, but when he rushes in, Kakai needs to keep his cool and weather the storm. Kakai has won six of his twelve fights via submission so Taimanglo needs to be aware of that. He’ll have to throw quick combos and keep moving in order to be effective.

Prediction: Taimanglo defeats Kakai via Decision


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