NBA Trade Deadline Recap

In comparison to last year you are looking at one of the slower, more boring deadlines. Still, there were a few moves and with that comes the analyzation of said moves. For every trade there are wins, losses, and draws and we will try to weed out some of those teams here.


Receive: Donatas Motiejunas, Marcus Thornton, Tobias Harris

Lose: Brandon Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova, Joel Anthony,First round pick


Receive: DET first round pick,

Lose: Motiejunas, Thornton, second round pick


Receive: Joel Anthony, second round pick


Receive: Channing Frye

Lose: Anderson Varejao, first round pick


Receive: Jared Cunningham, Brandon Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova, second round pick

Lose: Channing Frye, Tobias Harris


Receive: Anderson Varajao, CLE first round pick

Lose: Second round pick


Receive: Shelvin Mack

Lose: Second Round pick


Receive: Second round pick, Kirk Hinrich

Lose: Shelvin Mack, second round pick

Oklahoma City

Receive: Randy Foye

Lose: DJ Augustine, Steve Novak, two second round picks


Receive: DJ Augustine, Steve Novak, two second round picks

Lose: Randy Foye


Receieve: Markeiff Morris

Lose: Kris Humphries, DeJuan Blair, first round pick


Receive: Humphris, Blair, WAS first round pick

Lose: Morris


Receive: ATL second round pick

Lose: Hinrich


Receive: Lance Stephenson, Chris Anderson, first round pick

Lose: Jeff Green


Receive: Jeff Green

Lose: Lance Stephenson, first round pick



In one of the more boring trade deadlines the Pistons yawned their way into being winners. They essentially swapped Brandon Jennings and his big contract, and Ilyasova, an impending free agent, and added Thornton, a cheap vet, and DMo, a younger, cheaper, higher upside Ilyasova type. With all that money they added Tobias Harris, which basically makes him a throw in for a first round pick, and it gives the Pistons a ton of lineup flexibilty to put Harris with guys like Stanley Johnson and Marcus Morris.


They get Stephenson and his demeanor that did not seem to fit off of the books. In doing so they add a player whose position is exactly what they need. Doc Rivers coached Jeff Green for three years in Boston, and now Green can sub as a small ball four in Blake Griffins absence, and will get a ton of minutes as the teams small forward, which was their most glaring hole.


Turning Varajeo into Channing Frye is a win, and could be an underrated move. Although he does many of the same things that Kevin Love does, it gives them another big who can shoot, which may get Love in the paint at times. It also will free up Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov a lot more and just creates space.




They get Detroits first round pick, top eight protected, but could still draw a lottery pick. That said it also could just draw pick 18 for Motiejunas, who was a developing stretch four just a year ago. The move says Terrance Jones will be extended, but this wasnt the major loss.

The major loss is that they are going to lose Dwight Howard this summer and get nothing for it. They also have Ty Lawson on the team. You have to wonder how they couldnt settle for something with two guys who can still at least draw offers.


The Hawks essentially traded Shelvin Mack for Kirk Hinrich which to me makes no sense. They also failed, like the Rockets to figure out their future. Between Jeff Teague and Dennis Schroder one of them needs to start and one needs to go. To let Teague walk this year and recieve nothing is failure. If the Hakws dont sign Teague or Al Horford they will have egg all over their face.


The Magic were having problems finding the right minutes between Evan Fournier, Victor Oladipo, Elfrid Payton, CJ Watson and Shabazz Napier, so they decided to throw Jennings and Jared Cunningham into the mix. Fournier can play some three, but the thought would be that Tobias Harris was traded to free more minutes for slam dunk star Aaron Gordon to play the three. Gordon can be a small four, but that is what they added Ilyasova to be. Essentially they lost more than they gained by gaining more than they lost.


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