Bellator 149 Preview/Predictions

By: Logan Helfferich

Main Card

Catchweight: Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie

Regardless of who wins this fight, I don’t see it being very entertaining. Shamrock and Gracie are too old to still be fighting. Shamrock got knocked out by Kimbo Slice in his last fight after taking Kimbo’s back and nearly sinking in a rear-naked choke. If Shamrock can’t submit Kimbo, then I don’t see him being able to submit the jiu-jitsu legend, Royce Gracie. The winner of this fight will be whoever is in top position for the majority of the fight. I give the edge to Shamrock, solely based on his size advantage.

Prediction: Shamrock defeats Gracie via decision

Heavyweight: Dada 5000 vs. Kimbo Slice

This fight should be much more entertaining, but not nearly as technical. The fight could end up being boring if neither fighter is able to land clean shots and they both gas out after the first round, but I don’t see that happening. Kimbo showed his resilience and power when he knocked out Shamrock in his last fight. Dada 5000 is fighting based on reputation only and has faced no real competition. I’m predicting an early victory for Kimbo.

Prediction: Kimbo defeats Dada 5000 via KO/TKO

Lightweight: Derek Campos vs. Melvin Guillard

This fight, along with the Pineda vs. Sanchez fight earlier in the night, should be very competitive. Both Campos and Guillard have similar fighting styles. Guillard needs to use his experience and grappling to keep Campos frustrated. Campos needs to look for top position and try to grind out Guillard. Essentially, both should be looking to frustrate the other by gaining the dominant position and holding onto it, whether that be on the ground, against the cage or in the clinch. I see Guillard winning in a close fight.

Prediction: Guillard defeats Campos via decision

Light Heavyweight: Linton Vassell vs. Emmanuel Newton

I’m personally most excited for this fight. The winner could get a shot at Liam McGeary’s title, but the recent smack talk between Tito Ortiz and “King Mo” could also spark a potential number one contender fight. Newton submitted Vassell the last time these two met, but that was a while ago and neither man is the same fighter. Vassell needs to keep the fight standing and use his range to out-strike Newton. Newton will be looking to close the distance and use his unorthodox striking and clinch game. Vassell will need to avoid being on his back as much as possible to prevent a second loss to Newton in the Bellator cage.

Prediction: Vassell defeats Newton via KO/TKO

Featherweight: Daniel Pineda vs. Emmanuel Sanchez

As I mentioned earlier, this fight should be very competitive. Both fighters are good grapplers, which means that it could potentially turn into a brawl if both men are able to cancel out each other’s ground games. Sanchez needs to keep up the pressure against the crafty veteran, Pineda, who recently competed in the UFC but was unable to defeat top-tier talent.

Prediction: Sanchez defeats Pineda via decision


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